The true canvas and paper paintings

About Elena Nisenblat

Few words about me

I am a artist based in Moldova. My work is composed of my life story, past experiences, travels, background, inspirations & aspirations and subconscious mind. Its an exploration of the depth of my relationship to the world and external factors. The fascination of the human body, especially face features, human suffering, romantic relationships and how we all experience similar emotions, blurs the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary. In my work I aspire to bring human emotions closer to the observer, to deeply connect people with their subconscious mind and suppressed feelings. Other than to explore our spirituality, connect the light and the dark side, and bring out the vulnerability. I strive to create work that lasts, capturing viewer’s attention and marking their minds. Using pens, papers,oil pastels, conte crayon, charcoal, ballpoint pen, oil and water colours I bring every piece to life. Each painting is a unique symbiosis of different techniques, styles and materials.

For all those who appreciate art & true home décor lovers